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Posting Acheivements Guidelines

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Posting Acheivements Guidelines Empty Posting Acheivements Guidelines

Post by Tom 5194 on Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:52 pm

Thought it would be extremely fun?There are rules to it!

1.)No acheivements in your real-life life may be posted.
2.)You may not post any passing someone acheivements.
3.)All posts must apply to the normal forum rules.
4.)Try not to go off topic,please.
5.)You can only post the type of acheivements that are listed below the rules(See it when done reading this)
6.)No making fun of or teasing anyone if that person hasn't made an acheivement or anything like that.
7.)Anyone breaking these rules will result in an infraction or a maximum of a 7-day ban or anything in between.

Acheivements that are allowed to post:

Reaching a certain amount of posts
Earning a rank(This also includes Mods and Admins but asking lowers chances)
Winning a Contest
Reaching a Certain Number of Coolness Points
The forum reaching a milestone of posts
Getting a certain number of friends
Being friends with someone
Becoming a nice/cool person or anything like that on the forum

Acheivements that you cannot post:

Passing someone's amount of posts
Any real-life acheivements
Any rude acheivements

Comments you can or cannot post:

You can post honest comments.
You can post nice comments.
You can post bad comments(no teasing though).
You can post awesome comments.
You can post short and long comments.
You cannot post anything that will offend the person trying to acheive the goal.
You cannot post anything that goes off topic.
You cannot post any comments that breaks any of the forum rules or acheivement rules.
You cannot post any comments that will reveal the secrets of the person.

It's long,but pretty specific.Have a nice time!

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Posting Acheivements Guidelines Tom_5110

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